Herbal solution finished with π-Technology Lunach

Gentle fragrance for your relaxed time

Specially extracted essence from a herb which has antioxidant effects is combined and finished with π-water system.

Contents :
Ingredients :
Extract of alpinia zerumbet (leaves and stems), Water, Iron
Usage :
Add 10% volume in π-Clean”.
Usable at your favorite density.
Cautions :
Keep in cool and dark place.
Keep away from children.
Do not drink. Not good for eye drops.

Alpinia zerumbet

A plant native to eastern Asia and commonly known as shell ginger has been traditionally used for various ways as a useful herb because of its antioxidant effects. Leaves are used for flavor tea, noodles, and wraps for rice cakes.
Extracts are used for aroma oil, cosmetics and insect repellent. The flavor is said to have healing effects.