User's story 3: Water treatment system

More than 10 years partnership with this water

Mr. Tanooka is an owner chef of "Lois de la nature," a French restaurant. Formerly he demonstrated his ability in cooking as a chef general at Mikawawan Resort LINX. In his restaurant all water used is of course π-water. He has been using π-water for more than 10 years.

"When you use π-water for steamed rice, the white color of the rice will last longer than you use normal water. Vegetables will keep the freshness longer after soaking in π-water for a while. Besides, bitter tastes of vegetables will be removed and the tastes of them will be better and milder.

You can enjoy the original tastes of materials by π-water. Tastes of sauces and recipes are arranged by the water.

He says you can enjoy the natural good taste of the materials by cooking with π-water. So he uses salt and pepper only for seasoning. He has changed recipes and tastes of sauces since he began to use π-water. He has many findings with using π-water for his dishes. Nowadays he cannot imagine cooking without π-water.

"Lois de la nature" means natural rules. His intention to serve natural living materials to the guests came true by π-water. He never stops to seek the better dishes for the guests. The best partner for the chef is always IBE's π-water treatment system now and for future

You can enjoy good natural tasted French in his restaurant. The homelike atmosphere of the restaurant attracts many people as a hidden favorite place.
When you make soup stock (fond de veau), you used to need more than 8 tomatoes. With π-water you can make the same soup stock with 2 pieces. It means π-water brings out the taste of materials more.
Freshness of vegetables will be kept longer by wrapping them with cloths soaked into π-water. π-water removes offensive smells of meat and fish. The color of steamed rice with π-water will be kept bright white longer.
※The contents of this story are based upon interviews.
π-WATER in my life