User's story 5: Personal care products

For the naked true moist

We wanted to make our beauty salon where all customers get full satisfaction with our treatment.
It was 16 years ago Mr. Hiroshi Kohno and Ms. Kozue Kusano opened their beauty salon “Angelique” with such intention. They spend much time to treat each customer in one-to-one correspondence. Because of their kind, careful and polite jobs, they have many long-term customers.
They knew π-water more than 28 years ago. Since then they have been using π-water and its hair care products. Now the main line ups in Angelique are π-Micro series.
Ms. Kusano says, “in some hair salons, for making the glossy hair they use moist cream and other products, which are chemicals. I think the true moist should come from the hair itself. If the hair is healthy with enough water content, you don’t need to add chemicals on the hair. π-water supplements the important water for the hair. Chemicals will be combined with sebum and be oxidized to cause damages on the hair and scalp. If you use π-water products, π-water will help to avoid the oxidization in addition to keep the water contents. You need the healthy hair and scalp for better hair style. Now the all base in our salon is π-water.

The original power of the hair shall be maintained with π-water

It is important to produce the moist by the hair itself and not by putting the chemicals on.
It is a cheat to add extra things. Our ideal treatment is to remove extra and bad things and to bring out the original power of the hair. We are convinced π-water can do that through our long experience.”
They have a dream to build a π-Salon next to their current beauty shop. In the π-Salon they will provide full of warmth and moisture not only for the hair but also for the life of customers.

Ms. Kusano has been working as a beautician for 28 years. Her hands are smooth and beautiful. “I’ve never had troubles on hands thanks to π-water products.”
π-Micro Water” is used in all phases through the treatment, such as before applying color agent and permanent agents, and for finishing the style.
I like “π-Micro Shampoo“ because of the fine foam and being easy to rinse.
“SUTOHKU” keeps the hair up and bulky.
Mr. Kohno’s favorite is “Hair Mighty”. It is good to remove smells of the scalp.
※The contents of this story are based upon interviews.
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