User's story 8: Drink

Hand down from mother to daughter

When Mrs. Masako Chiba was 40 years old, she opened a beauty salon in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Since then during the period of 20 years many clients aged from 20's to 70's have visited her salon.

Nowadays the hot subject in her chat with clients is "foods." In getting old, you think more about the health. "What are good foods for the body?" "How they should be taken?" In such topics, she often talks about "Pikamin," a refreshing π-health drink with three kinds of vinegar.

"I live with my daughter and her family. We drink "Pikamin" by adding homemade apple juice and vegetable juice every day. All of us like "Pikamin" and we usually consume 4 liters per month. It must always be with our life."

Dishes with

Mild sweetness of "Pikamin" is her favorite taste. It is their customs to drink diluted "Pikamin" as a finish glass after drinking beer with her family. She noticed that drinking "Pikamin" is good to avoid hangover and she feels light in the next morning after drinking. Her granddaughter Kazuhi takes "Pikamin" with water in her pot whenever she goes out. She likes the "juice" very much.

Recently she challenges cooking with "Pikamin." Its mild sour tastes and fruit flavor match to some foods and she is now making original recipes that will be presented to her clients.

"Pikamin can be used as a seasoning for various foods. Of course it is good for keeping health. I am enjoying thinking the new recipe with "Pikamin" when cooking something in the kitchen."

Her daughter Kazumi says, "My mother is very busy for doing housework, cooking, and her own job. But she always keeps in high spirit. I am really proud of her. I wish I could follow her way." Kazuhi often joins her mother and grandmother in the kitchen together. The high spirit of Masako and her home tastes shall be taken over from a mother to a daughter.

All family members drink "Paikamin" every day. Masako writes all recipes with "Paikamin". What will be the next?
Miso paste with "Pikamin". Put 150cc of "Pikamin" in 100g of miso and stewed for 3 minutes. It matches for grilled summer vegetables.
Kazuhi likes her grandmother. In some future Kazuhi will cook for her gran. Masako is looking forward to the day.
Dishes with "Paikamin" : Japanese ginger Susi (center) is her favorite. Sushi rice is steamed with "Pikamin" and water.
※The contents of this story are based upon interviews.
π-WATER in my life