For environment

Our philosophy for protecting the earth

We, IBE TECHNO CO.,LTD. have been thinking about environment of the earth through research and development of π-water and its products based upon our policy of considering natural environments and healthy lives.
We have been seeking for the good water since the establishment of the company in 1975. As a company that supplies safe and reliable products for customers, we have been performing and planning various projects.

Our actions for environment

1) Development of "Super AKANE," a soil conditioner

Our product "Super AKANE," a soil conditioner has effect to restore damaged soil by agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers to the natural condition. Spreading "Super AKANE"leads to improvement of water quality, too. One case of it is that natural fireflies returned to rivers and lakes in Shimane prefecture. The microorganisms propagate well and many insects and earthworms are observed in "living" soils.

2) Research and development of fuel additives

Using fuel additive product applying π-water technology expects to reduce exhaust and carbon dioxide. It also accelerates complete combustion of fuels. In USA, use of bioethanol shall be an obligation for automobile and the regulations for protecting environment shall become quite severe. π-applied fuel additive has been in the market there and nowadays the product is sold in "The Home Depot," the largest home improvement retailer in the United States.

3) Through research and development for all products

Main and most ingredients of our products are natural materials and/or based on natural things so that you can avoid polluting rivers and nature by waste water.