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Mom and π-water are my precious trainers

Yuko Sasao gained the sixth victories in Japan National Sports Competition in October 2011. She is achieving the succession of victories for the class of woman's wild water canoeing.

Her victory was the best in both technical aspect and physical strength in comparison with the younger competitors of their 20's and 30's. Yuko, 45 years old now, is active at the forefront of the athletic world in canoeing because of her mother's devoted support.
She recommended her daughter to drink a high energy π-water more than ten years ago. Since then Yuko always brings 2 liters of drinking water containing high energy π-water for competition. She drinks the water before and after training and during meals. She takes the water for the road, too.

She gains mom's affection and energy from π-water everyday

Mieko Sasao, Yuko's mother was a sprinter in her youth. Because of her own experience as an athlete, she always pays attention to her daughter to keep the good condition. "You won't win only by training. You need train physical aspect and also intake the proper nutrition to build the fine body. I always keep my eyes on her condition to keep the balance among practice, spirit, and nutrition," the mother says.

The mother and the daughter are aiming to be in the Guinness World Records for the successive victories. So Yuko must keep the level of three aspects with support of her mother and high energy π-water. She is always with them.

Mieko says athletes have to have good digestion to take in enough foods. The mentor sends food materials to her daughter once a month to support getting enough nutrition. Yuko is a representing member of Japan for World Cup Wildwater Canoeing and at the same time a high school teacher for the health and physical education. She is a coach for canoe club in the high school whose members are joining the delegation of Japan national team for Olympics.
※The contents of this story are based upon interviews.
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