Pursuing the potential of π-water

We have been researching and developing π-water since the establishment of the company. Nowadays you see various products applying π-water systems from primary industries to service industries. Our key material is a water that brings up lives. Our task is to supply the good products install the water.
Our challenge to the potential will continue.

Cases of <span class=π-water systems application">

Restoration of damaged environment
Contribution for environmental protection in various places and fields
Pools and public bathhouses in hotels
(The picture provided by Mikawawan Resort Linx Co.,Ltd.)
Fresh fish cuisine
Fish preserving tank with π-water
Fish are kept fresh longer. (The picture provided by Mikawawan Resort Linx Co.,Ltd.)
Food industry
For quality improvement and production of special goods
Refined sake and sweets are made with π-water. (by Taikan Shuzo Co.,Ltd.)
Beauty salons & clinic
Personal care products are supplied to beauty salons and beauty -treatment clinics.
Safe for the body and the environment
Highly expectation for utilization in medical field
(The picture provided by ITO orthopedics pain clinic)
Good reputation for producing organic growing crops
Drinking water for livestock and soil in the pens
Improvement of the quality of products
Various test result show the effects of π-water in fishery.
π-water is also applied to paints for the bottom of ships.
Good mileage
Improvement of qualiy of fuels