User's story 11: Water treatment system

Good water for patients

Nambu (Pharmaceutical) Co., Ltd. has been expanding its business involvement from a pharmacy to medical gas plumbing arrangements and home-visit care since its foundation of 1923. π-Water treatment units are installed in "NAMBU YAKKYOKU" pharmacies by order of Mr. Keiji Yasue, director of pharmaceutical department.

Mr. Yasue knew π-water when he worked for a national hospital. Then he studied about various herbal medicines and supplements for further possible applications to help patients and one day he found a book in a bookstore which he happened to drop into. That was a book about π-water. He got so interested in π-water and bought the book without delay.

Not acid, not alkaline, much closer to the natural water

Water is very important to prepare liquid medicines, Mr. Yasue says. "You need to remove chlorine and trihalomethane in tap water in order to use the water to prepare medicines. Furthermore, the better water is not acid or alkaline but should be close to neutral and even similar to waters in the nature. I've tried various kinds of water filters and my conclusion was that π-water filter system produced the water what I believed the best."

After changing his job to Nambu Co.,Ltd., he made a proposal to install π-water system. Therefore good water from π-water treatment system is used for liquid medicines in Nambu Pharmacy. His wish to assist people by producing good quality medicines is supported by π-water treatment system.

For providing good medicine, good water is an inevitable item. Therefore Mr. Yasue chose π-water.
Aqua-π 251 is available as counter top unit and convenient to use for preparing medicine. This compact unit is installed in each store of "NAMBU YAKKYOKU" pharmacy.
He considers the quality of water very much. Good taste is one of important requirements. Some customers take their medicine with water from π-water system in the store.
※The contents of this story are based upon interviews.
π-WATER in my life