What is π-water?

π-water : a water that is extremely similar to water in living body

Infinitely similar to bio water

It is said that 70 percents of human body consists of water. This water is called bio water and totally different from well water and tap water. The bio water possesses very high energy and plays very important role to balance the organic body.
For example, the amniotic fluid which is a nursing water for baby has the highest energy in bio waters. The amniotic fluid has function of control germs, will not spoil, and has high capacity of purification, etc.. The same functions have been confirmed with π-water in experiments.

Water with energy

The above pictures are Kirlian pictures which is said to photograph aura energy. Very strong energy is radiated from π-water and π-ceramic ball.
Energy means "Ki" or "Chi" () in oriental medicine. Under certain condition some catch cold, whereas others do not catch it. This occurs because of the difference of energy in each person. Lack of energy will be the basic cause for diseases. It is π-water that supplies energy and leads the living body to the natural healthy condition.

Vibrating water  - Hydrogen atoms are being replaced at a high speed

Water is H2O in chemical formula but the water will not exist in form of one water molecule in the real world. Some molecules are bound by hydrogen bonding and exist as groups. In hydrogen bonding atoms of hydrogen are always exchanging as shown below.

It is thought that the faster the speed of exchange of hydrogen atoms is, the better the water is for your health. The speed of the exchange is shown by the half-width of NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectra. The narrower half width shows the faster replacement of hydrogen atoms.

The sixties value of the half-width in NMR spectra is classified as superexcellent water enough, while the value of π-water is 51.5. In our research for the literature on this subject, there is no report of smaller value than 51.5.
π-water is, in a sense, an actively vibrating water.