User's story 4: Health drink

Health care for all family is to drink

It was eight years ago when Mieko Fukagawa got a license of the second grade care worker. At that time she was 64 years old. She says, "In my youth I wanted to be a nurse but I had to give up because my parents opposed it. I always wanted to work for taking care of people and I challenged to acquire the qualification after my age of 60."

Mieko visits houses to work as a helper 4 days a week. She works late at night more than 10 days a month. That must be very hard on her body of over 70 years old. It is a high energy π-water "PINESS" and water from π-water treatment systems that support her daily life. She brings 280ml of bottled water from π-water treatment system with 20-25 drops of "PINESS" whenever she works on the night shift. "When I feel tired and I am lacking sleep, I drink "PINESS," then I feel refreshed and can reset the condition to work well again," Mieko says.

In her garden the hydrangea blooms every year. She is looking forward to bring the flowers to the work place every year. "White hydrangea in my garden originated from Kagoshima prefecture. Everybody is pleased to see the flowers. So I will keep the good health by drinking PINESS for the next year."

Give us the drops!! Young brother and sister will plead together in the near future.

Other members of the Fukagawas are also fans of PINESS. Her son and his wife, and children of them drink PINESS every day.

"We call PINESS 'drops.' My 6-year-old elder son Yuta has been a fan of the drops since he was a baby. Immediately returning from the kindergarten he comes to ask me to put drops into water in a cup. One-year-old daughter Yui is always following her elder brother and I expect they shall want 'the drops' together in the very near future." Hiromi, Mieko's daughter in law explained.

Yuta takes piano lessons. Now he is applying himself to his practicing for the recital. Beside him Yui sits still with looking up at the piano. "I have a real soft spot for them sitting together," says Hiromi.

All members - a grandfather, a grandmother, a father, a mother and grandchildren in the family - drink PINESS every day, The Fukagawas' wellness is supported by PINESS. So are their happy lives, too.

Mieko (right in the photo) is 72 years old and she works hard as a nursing helper. She goes out for a park with Yuta and Hiromi on her holidays. They always bring water with PINESS. (Picture was taken in 2009.)
Yuta began to drink PINESS because his grandmother always drinks it. All members of Fukagawa family call PINESS "drops." (The picture was taken in 2009.)
Yuta, Yui and their mother Hiromi with white hydrangeas in the garden. Yui was born in June last year and Yuta is now quite aware of being an elder brother. (Pictures provided by Hiromi Fukagawa)
Yui always follows her brother. She lavishes her innocent smile at mealtime and during Yuta's practicing the piano. (Pictures provided by Hiromi Fukagawa)
※The contents of the story are based upon interviews in 2009 and 2011.
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