History of IBE is that of

π-water was found in piled up researches of plants.

Beginning was the research for plants.
IBE has been researching "water" that plays an important role in plant's growth since 1975. "π-water" was found during the research for botanical physiology. From our long term experiments and experiences we now understand energized water brings amazing effects on living things. We have repeatedly observed phenomena that shelf life of flower will lengthened, the growth of plants will be enhanced, and so on. π-water developed by IBE demonstrates its great power as the water that helps the original potentials of plants. All products IBE developed are made by application of such power of WATER.

Restoring the earth protects your body and life.

As a company that has close relation to water, we are thinking about good water and will develop human- and eco- friendly products with our technology. We will support the future of the earth and human being through the research and development of π-water.

Shinji MAKINO, Ph.D.
Developer of π-water and its systems

Born in Aichi prefecture, Japan, Doctor Makino graduated from the Science Department of Tohoku University. He attained his doctorate from the Graduate School of Nagoya University. In 1975, after working at a pharmaceutical company for a time, he founded IBE, a limited company, aimed at developing and applying the π-water system. Since then he has been active in π-water research and its applications in health and fitness, biotechnology, agriculture, engineering, and fisheries.
In 1995 the Association for Research and Propagation of Bio Energy Systems was established and he was installed as the chief director.